Intrax Chicago Accommodations

Intrax can help you find a place to live while you are a student with us. Each option has been reviewed by our staff. Our Program Advisors can help you decide between the three housing choices. Choose from the three options:

1. Independent Housing Options

You can reserve your own accommodation, and there is a lot of choice! An Intrax staff member has visited all of these places and we think they are great value and close to Intrax. You can find more information about reservations on their websites. You must reserve them directly- we cannot book these for you.

See 2015 Independent Housing Options (PDF)

2. Homestay Accommodations

Living with an American family is a unique way to experience American traditions and culture first-hand. You will practice your English language skills with real Americans every day. If you would like to stay in a homestay, you are placed with a trusted family in the Chicago area. Each family is carefully screened and interviewed. We have single rooms or rooms with roommates. Families provide you with breakfast and dinner every week (14 meals). Most host families are located within 40-60 minutes of Intrax Centers by public transportation.

Please Note: You must give at least 4 weeks’ notice before you arrive to make sure that your homestay is available and reserved. If you have any questions about living with an American family, you can contact the Housing Coordinator.

Homestay 2014-2015 Fee:

  • Off Peak Season (October - May): $43 per night for ages 18+; $48 per night for ages 16-17
  • Peak Season (June - September): $48 per night for ages 18+; $52 per night for ages 16-17

3. Residence Club Accommodations

When you choose to live in a Residence Club you will enjoy an independent living situation with an international atmosphere, dormitory-style housing and meal options or shared kitchen. Residence clubs also provide an opportunity to get to know students and travelers from all over the world.

See 2015 Residence Club Rates and Prices (PDF)

Intrax Chicago partners with several Residence Clubs:

616 W Arlington Pl
Chicago , IL
United States
Phone: +1 773 929 5380
Illinois US
Room in Fornelli Hall, Chicago
55 East Washington Street
60602 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US
24 E Congress Pkwy
60605 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US